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Three Easy Resets for Your Brain to Boost Energy and Improve Mood

The Pineal, The Pituitary, and the Hypothalamus Glands

One of the things I really love is easy brain/nervous system resets that I can do on both myself and on my clients and more importantly, that I can teach my clients to do!


Anytime you can do a reset of the brain/nervous system, and help take it out of sympathetic (fight-or-flight mode) it has a huge impact on your entire body. In this video, I’ll show you three easy resets that can help you reset your sleep, your hormones, and your nervous system.

Those are areas that we can all benefit from. How do I know? From the number of people who come into my office on a regular basis saying, I can’t sleep, my hormones are a mess and I deal with anxiety or depression! These issues have become way too common!

I’ll give you simple resets for the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, and the hypothalamus. These are all located in the head and have a huge impact on how your body responds to stress, overwhelm and just having too much thrown at you on a daily basis.

Before you start, always do a short scan of your body and notice if you’re tense and where. Notice what your breathing is like. Notice how you feel. After the reset, you’ll pause and do another assessment. Did you become more relaxed? Did your breathing calm? Did your shoulders relax? Did your jaw relax? Just notice without judging.

The first reset we’ll look at is for the pineal gland. Why is the pineal important? Because it runs your body clock. It’s what determines and tells the body, “Hey, it’s time to go to sleep or it’s time to wake up”. Being able to reset the pineal gland is super important. Use this reset whether it’s for daylight savings time, or after travel to a different time zone or just because your sleep isn’t as good as it could be.

Watch the video for the full demo – I’ll just give a brief review summary here: With the heels of your hands, press in on the sides of your temples. The rest of your hand will just rest lightly on top of your head; press gently in and up. As you press in and up you’re going to breathe in and as you relax your hands you’ll breathe out. Repeat three times. Be sure you’re paying attention to what it’s doing for you!

Now let’s look at the pituitary gland – this impacts your ability to assimilate proteins and fats and make hormones – it can also impact weight gain when the hormones are out of balance.

This is very similar to the pineal reset but you’ll have one hand pinching lightly at the top of the nose and the other hand flat against the back of your head – you’ll use the same pressing, releasing and breathing technique that you did for the pineal. You can see this more clearly in the video.

Now we move to the hypothalamus – it’s the command center that connects the endocrine hormone system with the nervous system. This can impact hormone issues, food cravings, sleep issues, and even weight gain.

It’s also where we tend to get migraine headaches. One of the biggest contributors to migraines is not digesting your fats. This reset is very easy – simply rubbing on your temples with your 3 middle fingers plus the correct breathing that I show you in the video.

Resetting the hypothalamus is an easy win! Actually, all three are pretty easy. You could just set a timer for every hour or two hours, and pause for a minute to do a reset. Notice your breathing. Notice your voice. Notice your shoulders. Notice your jaw. Notice your gut. Are you noticing where it’s a little more relaxed?

There you have it – three easy brain/nervous system resets that you can do anywhere, anytime and help move you out of sympathetic (fight-or-flight) mode and into parasympathetic (rest and digest) mode!

Be sure to leave your comments and let us know what you discover!

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