4 Wisdom Strategies to

Help You Through the Lumps and Bumps of Life

Two real-life stories from two of my coaching students on overcoming some very challenging "life lumps and bumps"!

These stories are great examples of what can happen when you apply my 4 Easy Wisdom Strategies for overcoming the lumps and bumps that you run into in life. Why do I call them "easy"? Because easy (without threat or fear) is required in order to work with your brain to create your desired results. This is the opposite of fighting your brain and continuing to loop in frustration and overwhelm.

1. Ask for Help - Put Together a Team:
Challenges are usually first seen in the physical realm and this is where we tend to go to work on them. The reality is that they impact our body, our mind, our soul, and our emotions! The first step is to have a team - people who you can and will ask for help, who can help you in each of these areas. People who can see what you can't see and give you support, insight and encouragement.

When I'm coaching clients, one of the first pieces I look at is "where to start". It is often not at "the site of the pain". You need to discover what your body considers a priority - and how you can then go to work on that in a way that is easy and doesn't create an increased threat response in your nervous system.

2. Address the Emotional Roots:
Having the capacity and willingness to look at the emotional side of any lump or bump is key to your long term victory. Remember, emotions will very seldom be logical! This is why it often takes work with an outside support person/team to see what you can't see.

3. Stay the Course:
We live in a society where everyone is looking for the quick fix - the "magic pill". Your health doesn't work that way - most likely its taken years, if not decades, to create your current condition - it will take time to work back through the process.

You have to be willing to do the work for as long as needed - that's why I always focus on baby steps or what I call the "next most useful step". Focusing on one step at a time will keep you out of overwhelm. A good coach will help you determine that step and help you also see the big picture without getting overwhelmed! A good coach brings wisdom and experience to the process!

4. Celebrate
It's so easy to simply see that you haven't yet hit your "big goal" - that creates discouragement and can contribute to overwhelm, frustration, not feeling good enough . . . and the list of looping goes on.

Seeing, acknowledging and celebrating the small wins is key to keeping your brain working for you. If you have 20 "non-wins" and 1 win, celebrate the win! Look for hourly wins or daily wins. Track them in your journal - let your journal be a safe place for you to be honest with your feelings, but also a place to write your daily gratitudes, create your fresh focus for the day, and write about your wins.