6 Steps to Help You Overcome the Flu or a Cold

These are the notes that go with the two videos I did on this topic after bouncing back from an unexpected run-in with this year’s cold and flu season! Click here to see the videos.

Step 1 – Prevention: Catch it at the onset!

Barleans Olive Leaf Complex: Comes in a liquid syrup or spray. I use the spray for a sore throat (3 sprays every 1/2 hour)  and the liquid when I feel the need for stronger support. Available from most health food stores or from our office.

Immunopoie: Homeopathic for immune system support and to fight infections. Professional homeopathic – order from us. 1 dropper every 1/2 hour

I do both of these as soon as any symptoms begin to appear. This usually knocks it out before it gets a foothold. They are always in stock in my ‘medicine-cabinet,’ as are the next three recommended homeopathics. You don’t want to wait to order them when symptoms start!

Bacteria-Fuge: If there is no ‘bone-achy’ feeling, it is probably a bacteria. This is a professional homeopathic that is available from our office. Do 1 dropper 3-4x/day.

Viral-Fuge: Great homeopathic support it you think you’re dealing with a virus (generally reflected by the ‘bone-achy’ feeling). Professional homeopathic – available from our office. Do 1 dropper 3-4x/day.

Mucouslysis: My favorite homeopathic support for upper respiratory and head congestion. Take 1 tsp 2-3x/day. This is a professional homeopathic that is available from our office.

Step 2 – Frustration

I use Gorse Bach Flower Remedy to address the emotions of hopelessness that go with not feeling well. Make a dilution (saves $$’s) by putting 20 drops of the main remedy into a 1 oz glass dropper bottle, fill with purified water (not distilled or high alkaline), shake and take 1 dropper OFTEN! You can also use it without the dilution. Available from us and in most health food stores. This is another product that I like to always have on hand and is one of our best selling Bach Flower Remedies.

Step 3 – Other Homeopathic Remedies

If coughing kicks in, try Hyland’s Spongia Tosta 6X (4 pellets every hour or so).

For a runny nose that won’t quit, try Hyland’s Allium Cepa 6X (4 pellets every hour).

Both can be found in any health food store and are very inexpensive. You’ll probably use about 1/2 bottle of each over the course of a week.

Step 4 – Essential Oils 

I used a vapor diffuser with Thieves, Myrtle, Eucalyptus, and Frankincense. Click here to see how to use it in my video.

I had a lymph drainage person stop by and she introduced me to Copaiba (had not heard of it) – – it did wonders to get the lymph to drain more easily (applied to sides of neck, top of hands and top of feet) – a new favorite!

Step 5 – Sanitize

I sprayed a natural germicide on my pillows, sheets every morning and I used a natural hand sanitizer (Thieves for me) to sanitize my hands after blowing my nose and when working with clients.

Step 6 – REST and Lots of FLUIDS!

In addition to all of the above, I realized that getting sick was a reflection of my immune system being weak. For me that was due to too much travel and a way too full schedule over the previous 6 months.

Instead of beating me up, I looked at what I could do differently, was kind to myself and took time to simply take good care of me – lots of rest!

The last time this I got sick (about 4 years ago), I was down for about 7 weeks and was not functional the entire time. This time I stayed at about 50% functionality and I kicked it in about a  week!