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Our humble beginnings grew out of Cheryl overcoming significant health and financial challenges. She started with cooking classes in local health food stores.

Her classes presented not only healthy, tasty food, but also beautiful table settings and full recipes. It wasn’t long before students were clamoring for copies of the recipes and that caused Cheryl to see the opportunity to write her first cookbook, the Lifestyle for Health
Cookbook. That first book led to the publication of seventeen other books, spanning the topics of cooking, cleansing, weight loss, nutrition, emotions and lifestyle. She has sold over 250,000 copies of her books.

While promoting the sale of her books, she was invited to appear on over 1,000 television and radio interviews as well as the Lifestyle for Health TV Show that she and Forest produced and co-hosted in Denver, CO. Both Forest and Cheryl consider it important to create relationship with people, so their appreciation and connections led them to many repeat appearances on each show.

As Cheryl was doing media, lectures and keynote speeches, people began to ask her what supplements to take. She had never wanted to ‘sell’ products, yet clearly there is a difference in products and what did and didn’t work for different individuals. As the requests kept growing, she knew it was time to identify ways to answer those questions.

That led to a new season at Lifestyle for Health. Cheryl began simple client testing with an EAV machine and muscle testing. She quickly realized she needed more training (in addition to her degree in nutrition). She began her studies (and completing degrees) as a Naturopath, Master Herbalist, and Enzyme Therapy Specialist as well as certifications in many other specialties.

Cheryl took what she learned and immediately applied it with her growing clientele, and to building and training a staff of health coaches to support the needs of her growing clinic. Her goal was not to memorize protocols but to learn the patterns and methods of how the body healed. She became renowned for her ability to interpret vast amounts of data and see a ‘life picture’ for the person.

Although the Lifestyle for Health Clinic did not take insurance, their doors were filled with clients from around the world. By the time Cheryl retired from the clinic in 2004, she had worked with thousands of clients and over 1,500 products.

It was at that point that Cheryl realized that a perfect, organic diet along with perfect, quality supplements and cleanses were not enough to create a fit and healthy body. She began to study weight loss and fitness, as she was now personally challenged with increasing body fat and loss of muscle challenge – yes, the stress of creating a successful business had taken a toll. It was time to stop, reassess, and bring her own life back into balance!

At the same time, she began consulting with other companies to help their executives create healthier lifestyles. She also provided executive training on topics such as Time Management, Effective Communication, Team Building, and Leadership Strategies.

Lifestyle for Health is committed to empowering people to develop health and fitness while balancing ‘life schedules’ and budgets! Any plan that is not affordable or sustainable is incomplete at best.

At Lifestyle for Health, we are committed to supporting your success with practical strategies, useful resources, and affordable products. Our programs are not ‘one size fits all downloads.’ We offer both one-on-one coaching for people wanting rapid and individualized results along with a full online training program that will take you one baby step at a time, with support, toward
a healthier and more purposeful lifestyle. We also offer small group and corporate seminars, coaching, and training.

Most recently Cheryl has returned to her roots in the kitchen. Knowing that the foundation for a healthy body starts in the gut, with the food we eat, she wanted to find easy ways to help people discover and eliminate the foods from their diets that were causing an inflammatory response for them. She knew that the food would need to taste amazing, be easy to prepare, be food that both you and your body would love. It also had to be food that your family and friends would love and . . . not lead to feelings of deprivation as you eliminated inflammatory foods from your diet.

In 2014 she released The Inflammation Breakthrough Program: a 30-day program to discover and eliminate inflammatory foods from your diet. In 2015 she published Cooking for Life – 90 Recipes to Reverse Inflammation, Speed Weight Loss, and Energize Your Brain. The program has been an incredible success, taking people through a 21-day discovery and eating reset process that supports weight loss, hormone balancing, the elimination of brain fog, improved sleep and energy, and relief from aches and pains! The results surprised even Cheryl!

After the release of Cooking for Life, she realized that one thing was missing, chocolate! Yes, chocolate has many health benefits and Cheryl knew that she could use her favorite chocolate recipes to help people discover easy ways to make cooking and eating healthy easy, and fun. Her newest cookbook, Chocolate and Everything Else is already drawing rave reviews from clients and friends. Just in case someone in your family is not a chocolate lover, she threw in a little bit of everything else – giving you new recipes that are not included in Cooking for Life.

In 2016, wanting to make 30+ years of experience, wisdom, and coaching available to anyone, anywhere in the country or world, she and Forest launched The Easy Approach Progam. The Easy Approach is an on-line training and coaching program designed to help anyone create
a healthier lifestyle with weekly lessons, video training, online courses, webinars, and support through Facebook – all designed to be EASY!

For over 25 years, Lifestyle for Health has been empowering people just like you to get real results, on a budget, that can be sustained as a lifestyle. These successes serve as a lighthouse for the dreams people have to live their full potential in a healthy and fit body.

God has called us to steward our temples (our bodies) and truly live our full potential. Join us in helping you create health and fitness and help us multiply that message to a world of people seeking answers and a community within which to grow!


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