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Is knowing the most useful questions to ask to reveal the most effective game plan for you. Get lasting answers for anxiety, overwhelm, weight loss struggles, stiffness, pain, brain fog, and so much more.

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What is Wisdom Coaching?

Wisdom coaching means a comprehensive level of total transformation. It requires — and promises — a whole-person approach, powered by the wisdom of decades and consultations with over 20,000 clients from around the world. Wisdom coaching always boils down to giving you the next, most useful step to take you from where you are now to become the whole person God created you to be.

How does it work? (It’s easy.)

Lifestyle for Health Wisdom Coaching pulls together several elements to get you to your goal. For example, first and foremost, the program must be easy to follow — as your brain perceives it — or our efforts are in vain.

Secondly, it must include the full range of all your health issues and history. It also factors in your personality type to tailor your program to flow with your particular core motivation. It teaches you how to recover from any traumas you’ve encountered.

True transformation requires knowing all of these things, but it’s more than knowledge: it’s about asking the right questions that allow the essence of your true self to show up. And then we create your custom game plan to achieve results you never thought possible.

From there, we provide you with a community of support for continuing encouragement. Our groups will support and help give voice to your progress — to recognize and celebrate the results you’re experiencing.

Over 40 years of success as a teacher, as a computer industry and corporate troubleshooter, and as a health care professional and executive coach has seasoned the Townsleys’ capacity and compassion to fight on your behalf and dig to find the healthy solutions you need.

If wisdom coaching sounds like what you’re looking for, please click the button below to learn how to get started.

Wisdom Coaching is not about…

  • What your coach knows. It is about you discovering what God has put inside you and how to fully live your life.
  • Affirmations, fluff, or false excitement. It is about creating real results with balance.
  • Busy work or internet downloads done alone. It is about having a mentor who has been where you are and who can help you identify and take your next, easy step.
  • Someone who thinks they can fix you. It is about you creating what matters to you. It is about you living your purpose.
  •  Wisdom Coaching offers you…

    • The Wisdom and the Tools to identify and interrupt self-sabotaging loops, moving you from stuck to being on course.
    • Wisdom Question Techniques that let you discover and expose the hidden, but obvious solutions.
    • Wisdom Strategies for creating a balanced lifestyle.
    • Keys to building your health so you can sustain Good Success.
    • Honest Assessment to course-correct without the shame of you being wrong.
    • Real Outcomes, because your life matters!

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