Have you ever been dishonored ~ at work, in your home or by friends? Dishonor happens when you have been disrespected, insulted, made to feel ashamed, disgraced, hurt, confused or wounded.

The problem is not just the dishonor done to you, the problem is that dishonor grows (like an advanced cancer) and causes you to dishonor others AND yourself!

Cancerous dishonor sets the stage for us to sabotage our best intentions, and to get distracted from our goals and desired outcomes.  It shuts down the opportunities we most desire.  Dishonor is expensive – just like cancer can destroy our bodies, dishonor can destroy our dreams, our families, and our future!

What’s the Option?

Begin by learning how to HONOR you!  You do to others what you do to yourself first.  Begin to look at how you can bring honor into your life:

  • Change negative self-talk into appreciation
  • Change the ‘names’ you call yourself (and others) to life-giving descriptions
  • Breathe when you begin to feel yourself beat yourself up ~ Breathing creates a momentary break in our thinking that can help us stop the looping of dishonor.
  • Make a list of the character qualities you like about yourself and look for ways to focus on these instead of the negative qualities.  Ask close friends and family to do the same.  This will take intentional focus!

Last, but not least, acknowledge, repent and forgive yourself for the dishonor you have given to you and to others.  It is amazing how easy it is to resist this step!  It’s an easy first step when we truly  want to see our lives transformed.