Fear Creates An "Environment"


If you missed the video I put in last week's blog - I've included it again because of my heart's passion to share this critical message on FEAR!

Fear Creates and Environment

An Environment impacts health, the nervous system, immune function, cognitive function and so much more . . .

Environments take on a life of their own.

Fear can DESTROY:

  • Jobs - people are losing jobs over fear induced hype.
  • Businesses - events are being cancelled, gatherings are being cancelled and that impacts business owners, employees and those wanting to gather together.
  • Opportunities - people are retreating, which removes any desire to step out and move forward.

It isn't the disease that is doing the above, it is the reverberating echo of the VOICE OF FEAR THAT IS COSTING US in so many ways.

You have a CHOICE!

Wisdom says:

  • Fear not!
  • Fear not!
  • Fear not!


Our health, income, family, environment, community and country require that we step out of fear, be of good COURAGE and start making wise decisions.  

We can do that! It simply requires that we stop listening to any voice rooted in fear and look for the facts, the truth and move forward in faith and wisdom!

En-COURAGE others to do the same!

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