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Olive Oil and Vinegar

Quality, great tasting olive oil and vinegars are a stable in our kitchen – we use and enjoy them every day in our cooking, on our salads, and ‘straight up’ for a brain/energy boost!

The challenge for most people is that they’ve never experienced great-tasting, high-quality olive oil – until they come to our office or home and we share ours. Then it becomes love at first taste!

We use and purchase our oils from Health Essentialsin Burlington, Colorado. We love their knowledge and passion for healthy living and for great olive oil.

We encourage you to consider mail ordering from Health Essentials because of their passion for oil and because we’ve found their prices to be about 30% less expensive than our local stores that carry the same line of olive oils  Save an additional 5% at checkout when you use our referral coupon code: TOWNSLEY

If you have questions, just give them a call and they can also take your order over the phone.

NEW: Free Shipping on all orders over $100!
Save an additional 5% at checkout with coupon code: TOWNSLEY
Health Essentials, 451 14th Street, Burlington, CO 80807  ~  719-346-4681

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