Natura Artemis Plus®


  • encourages healthy cellular response*
  • promotes healthy cellular defense*
  • modulates healthy immune response*
  • supports healthy detoxification activity *

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Artemis Plus® encourages the body’s natural excretion of cellular debris, supports cell nutrient exchange and uptake, and inhibits
the proliferation and viability of certain organisms. It features herbal extracts that are classified as alteratives or depuratives, which help
to maintain a healthy balance of metabolic and catabolic processes. Artemis Plus® combines purified artemisinin with a full spectrum extract
of Artemisia annua for optimal benefit in supporting immunological balance.*

Key Ingredients

Artemisinin, obtained from the leaves of Artemisia annua, is recognized for its ability to oxidize high levels of iron and offers broad-spectrum cytotoxic activity against a variety of cell lines in the presence of iron. The plant Artemisia, known as Qinghao in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), was used for millenia in TCM to “Clear Damp Heat” in specific situations.*

Artemisia annua has been used for centuries by European herbalists, Wormwood is classified as an alternative, supporting healthy function of the liver, spleen, kidneys, lymphatic and glandular systems. The full spectrum extract of the plant Artemisia in this formula synergizes with the effects of isolated Artemisinin supports the body’s natural removal of cellular waste and maintain a healthy immune system.*

Burdock Seeds help maintain optimal liver health along with healthy immune response activity. Phytochemicals in Burdock Seed support the body’s natural ability to eliminate distressed cells from the body as they promote an optimal environment in the kidneys, bladder and liver.*

Red Clover, a beautiful and powerful wild flower is classically used as an alterative in European and American herbal traditions. The Red Clover found in Artemis Plus® is standardized for 40% isoflavones. These well-researched phytochemicals promote a healthy balance of hormones and gently support a healthy detoxification system.*

Celandine has been favored in European herbal traditions  to encourage a healthy liver system and the ancient Greeks valued it as detoxifier. Celandine nourishes the lining of the stomach and intestines and helps protect the body from environmental stressors by encouraging a healthy immune defense system.*

BioPerine® is a standardized natural extract of Piperine from the fruit of black pepper. It works synergistically to enhance the absorption and bioavailability of the compounds in Artemis Plus®, while supporting healthy digestive function.*


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