Muscle Percussor Massage Gun


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Multi-Purpose Deep Tissue Massage

  • Easy to use without disturbing others because of its low volume
  • Has a very high percussions per minute rate
  • Four-hour battery life
  • Includes six different accessories
  • Multiple variable speed settings


Ball Head: Improve recovery and reduce soreness after workouts with a gentle oblique impact (great for beginners).

Small Flat Head: Relax and shape with equal pressure (great for deep tissue and full body recovery).

Thumb Head: Pinpoint accuracy and depth (targets deep tissue and relaxes muscles knots).

Flat Head: Similar to the Small Flat Head but with a slight raise (great for angled areas).

Bullet Head: Precision and depth (perfect for trigger points and can be used to increase circulation).

Fork Head: Divided precision for loosening tissues and improving flexibility (can be used for decompression).




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