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Opti-Lung is a nutritional supplement that provides a therapeutic dose of beta-carotene and B6, and a combination of herbs and other nutrients thought to work cooperatively in the respiratory system and associated organs.

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Coronavirus note – This is a new virus and nobody knows how well cold/flu supplement trials apply to coronaviruses. The novel coronavirus is too new and is not structurally the same as either influenza or the various cold viruses. Do not rely on supplements if you suspect you have COVID-19. Please see your physician.

Glandular Support For Lung Health

Your Lungs Under Attack

With every breath, your respiratory system is working to maintain a proper pH balance by moderating the level of carbon dioxide in your body. Your lungs filter out small blood clots and air bubbles as they can. They also aid heart function.

Lungs also play a role in immune function, protecting you from particles you inhale, along with infectious microbes. Sometimes you cough stuff out. The rest of the time your digestive system takes over and destroys particles and microbes.

With all that being said, the contemporary world has placed your lungs and the rest of your respiratory system under constant bombardment from pollution. We are seeing an increase threat to the respiratory system with the advent of the coronavirus.

People afflicted with asthma is on the rise. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in 12 people in the U.S. have asthma, or about 25 million people. And the rate appears to be on the rise. From 2001 to 2011, the CDC says the number of Americans with asthma grew by 28%.

Other major respiratory illnesses include chronic bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, and pleural infection.

Key Nutrients for Optimal Lung Health

Vitamin A – This essential nutrient acts as a natural beta carotene. Vitamin A is essential for the growth and development of cells and tissues. Vitamin A plays a substantial role in the respiratory epithelium and the lung. During moderate vitamin A deficiency, the opportunity for diseases of the respiratory tract is considerably increased. Supplementing with vitamin A is shown to reduce the risk of developing related diseases and optimize the health of mucus membranes, which your lungs use to protect them.

Select Vitamins & Minerals – This formula provides vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, iodine and manganese for overall immune health and optimal body function. They are all parts of the intricate puzzle connected to your lungs.

Iodine plays a critical role in protecting your body from toxins. Magnesium is involved in countless bodily functions, including regulating muscle and nerve function, and blood pressure. Your respiratory system needs an adequate supply of magnesium to keep you breathing and constantly clearing out potentially harmful molecules.

Select Herbs – Opti-Lung takes includes lotus, rutin, kelp, L-tyrosine, ginger, L-cysteine HCl monohydrate, pleurisy seed extract, Korean ginseng, glycine, yellow dock, uva ursi, and blue cohosh. Each one of these research-backed nutrients either helps your body’s overall function–which indirectly affects respiratory function–or directly aids in the overall health of and protects your lungs.

Glandulars – Opti-Lung takes advantage of including safely sourced lung, thymus, pancreas, duodenum, spleen, kidney and stomach extracts from bovine glandulars out of Argentina. Together, they provide a complete array of tissue support for your lungs.

The glandulars in the formula give Opti-Lung that push needed to elevate it to a therapeutic level. By extracting nutrients, enzymes, hormones and so on from the glands, these ingredients help replace what your body isn’t producing efficiently on its own. When your lungs need an extra dose of healing and protection, these glandular ingredients are shown to help your respiratory system and associated organs.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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  1. Josephine Zapatka (verified owner)

    This is a good product that works well. I like this product because it doesn’t have any preservatives or other stuff we don’t need. I highly recommend this product. I’m not coughing as much.

    • Forest Townsley

      Thanks Josephine – healthy lung support is so important in this season!

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