Optimal Muscle RX


  • Helps build and sustain lean muscle
  • Speeds up muscle building
  • Stops sarcopenia
  • Repairs, builds, and retains muscle for power and spine support

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The Only Natural Muscle Building Formula Proven Through Patents and Research

Grow & Repair: Supplies key patented nutrients proven to aid in muscle growth and repair for every type of person.

Healthy Growth: Grows and strengthens muscles naturally without the common, unwanted side effects and unhealthy practices.

Patented Power: Uses five patented ingredients in the right form to grow, strengthen, sustain, and repair muscles.

Proven History: Muscle Rx has 25 years of successful use and provides your body with natural ingredients that deliver at the cellular level.

What’s Inside?

Creatine: Improves strength, builds lean muscle mass, assists in muscle recovery during exercise, provides speed and energy
Glutamine:Critical fuel source for immune cells (such as white blood cells), reserves protein stores in the body, boosts intestinal health, improves muscle gain and exercise performance
BCAA:Increases muscle growth, diminishes muscle soreness, reduces fatigue from exercise, prevents muscles from wasting or breaking down, benefits people with liver disease


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