Optimal Rem Sleep

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Optimal Rem Sleep is a potent whole food formula that supports healthy sleep patterns. This formula is not habit-forming and can also be taken to support the body during times of high anxiety.

One of our best selling products with a very high reorder rate!

Suggested Uses:

  • Deep Restorative Sleep
  • ADHD
  • Weight Control
  • High Anxiety
  • Healthy Sleep Patterns
  • Metabolism

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Coronavirus note – This is a new virus and nobody knows how well cold/flu supplement trials apply to coronaviruses. The novel coronavirus is too new and is not structurally the same as either influenza or the various cold viruses. Do not rely on supplements if you suspect you have COVID-19. Please see your physician. We do encourage you to practice good sanitation (handwashing) and support a strong immune system.

1. What is REM sleep?

REM sleep is the deep restorative sleep that must be attained in order to have optimal health. REM stands for rapid eye movement. It is the dreaming phase of sleep.

2. Why is it so important to get REM sleep?

Many health issues have been linked to lack of quality REM sleep. REM sleep deprivation is a natural health crisis. The National Institute of Health states that a large percentage of adults show symptoms of insomnia.

Some symptoms are:

  • Waking up un-rested
  • Drowsy during the day
  • Poor decision-making
  • Lack of focus
  • Low motivation
  • Skin aging, bags under the eyes, wrinkles
  • Impatient, irritable, moody
  • Weight gain without increased calories

3. What factors ensure you attain REM sleep?

  • Body and mind which are calm
  • Ensuring the necessary nutrients are available in the body
  • Ensuring the nutrients are easily delivered to the cells

4. How does Optimal REM Sleep provide the three factors needed to reach REM sleep?

  • Certain nutrients have been proven to reduce stress and calm the body and mind. Optimal REM Sleepcontains these nutrients. This includes specifically-cultivated forms of the amino acid tryptophan, as well as passion flower, chamomile flower and lemon balm.
  • University research demonstrates that the specific blend of valerian extract and hops included in Optimal REM Sleep will keep a person in the REM sleep phase for a longer period. (See Sleep Disorders Special Report.)
  • Optimal REM Sleep utilizes a proprietary blend of potent plant enzymes and probiotics to guarantee the cellular delivery of the nutrients.

5. What makes Optimal REM Sleep different from other products that might contain the same ingredients?

  • Optimal REM Sleep makes sure every nutrient is in a whole food state by culturing the formula in a fermentation process. This way, the body doesn’t have to convert nutrient fractions to usable whole nutrients on its own.
  • Our formula guarantees cellular delivery. Other formulas may contain some of the same herbs and nutrients as Optimal REM Sleep; however, those same products do not contain a vehicle to deliver those nutrients to the cells where they are utilized. Optimal REM Sleep contains 18 different enzymes and probiotic strains which ensure cellular delivery.

6. Is Optimal REM Sleep addictive?

No, not in the way prescription or over the counter drugs are. Prescription or OTC drugs are chemicals that create a dependency. Optimal REM Sleep provides the natural nutrients your body is missing in order to get a good and restful nights sleep. As your diet improves, and the nutrient levels in your body are increased, you will notice that you need this formula less frequently.

7. How much can I take?

Thanks to feedback from many of our customers, we know that dosage can vary greatly depending on the nutrient levels of each individual and other stress factors in each person’s life. Some people have received desired benefits by taking just one or two capsules; others take up to five or six. Because Optimal REM Sleep is entirely whole food-based, you can take what you need without concern of overdose.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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3 reviews for Optimal Rem Sleep

  1. Daniel whittier (verified owner)

    When using I end up feeling groggy the entire next day so have stopped using it

    • Forest Townsley

      You might also try taking just one capsule. Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Glenda Cunning (verified owner)

    I take one capsule every evening. For the first time in years I’m not laying awake for 1 to 2 hours before going to sleep. Even more amazing is the fact that I’m waking up before my alarm goes off. Getting up in the morning has always been a challenge for me.

  3. Geri Willis (verified owner)

    I’ve had a sleep disorder for years. I started this product just taking 2, at 9 pm a half hour apart. It helped the first night.
    If I took them 2 hours later, (10:30-11) they didn’t work as well.
    I am dreaming much more.

    • Forest Townsley

      Thanks for sharing Geri!!

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