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$19.99 / year

Save $10: Your 1st year is only $9.99!

What you get

  • Access to Member’s Only Videos, Blogs, and Premium Products
  • Access to all of our products, with monthly auto-ship discount options

 What’s Coming:

  • Monthly Zoom Q & A with Cheryl and Forest
  • Program Discounts
  • More coming as we develop this new program in 2022!



In this season, in order for us to have the conversations we want to have with you, it’s required that we have membership relationship. When you choose to connect with us through a membership program we have more freedom in what we can share with you and what we can offer you.

Become a Premium #StayStrong member today and get access to exclusive content, #StayStrong online instructionals, access to all of our products and monthly auto-ship savings.

Access to over 20 of Cheryl’s Protocol Sheets – These are for the most common problems/conditions that Cheryl sees with her clients, giving you simple protocol and specific product recommendations to help solve those issues. These are especially useful for clients who can’t get to our clinic for a one-on-one appointment, or aren’t able to get an appointment due to schedule challenges, or are just looking for quick and easy health and lifestyle solutions.

Have a topic you would like to see covered? Let us know – we add to these regularly!

Coming in 2022: Premium members will receive an exclusive opportunity to participate in Zoom members-only Live Q&A’s sessions with Cheryl & Forest where you have an opportunity to ask your own questions about food, supplements, health challenges, fitness, movement, or whatever else you have been wanting to directly ask them.

Coming in 2022: Access to new inspirational, life-encouraging videos from Cheryl and Forest helping you stay focused while trudging through today’s digital noise. These video instructionals are beginner-friendly and a great way to gain basic food, fitness, cooking, and healthy lifestyle habits in your own home.

Sign-up today and don’t miss all these premium bonuses for our low, introductory, 1-year membership fee!

Membership will auto-renew in 12 months from your sign-up date for $19.95. 


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