Inner Circle Concierge Program

The Inner Circle Concierge Program is for leaders who desire to walk in wisdom and health – spirit, soul, and body – for themselves, their families, and their community.

Forest and Cheryl combine over 60 years of creating real results as a Naturopath & Wisdom Coach (Cheryl), Movement Coach, and teacher for the Gifted & Talented (Forest).  Their experience blends spiritual wisdom and practical application with results people can recognize and role model to others.

As Forest and Cheryl work with leaders around the world, they have one common concern – how can I empower the people God has entrusted to me in this season?

To answer the question, we first must lead ourselves into shalom health – Spirit, Soul, and Body – with wisdom!

Proverbs 4:7 gives us our direction:
Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore, get wisdom.
And in all your getting, get understanding.”

Your transformation awaits!

The Inner Circle Concierge Program is a 12-month comprehensive and customized program to empower you to assess and address:

Genetics (physical and spiritual) and the relationship to your physical and spiritual bloodline.  
          Result: Address inherited weaknesses and overcome them the Wise/Easy Way!

Neuro abilities to overcome weaknesses, creating a stronger neurological base for the rest of your life.
          Result: Train what has never been trained and learn to work with the brain God has given you.

Inflammation as it comes from food, lifestyle, incorrect exercise for you, and emotions.
           Result:  Reduce the presence of disease, pain, and other contributors designed to steal your life.

Work/Life Balance by creating a schedule that flows, allowing you to manage your schedule.
           Result:  You can learn how to adapt and where to have firm boundaries.

Quality of sleep and rest to ensure your brain is adequately refreshed and your body can detox each day.
          Result:  Discover the power of the nighttime hours. Learn to create a new day that is strong, unencumbered from yesterday, and fully lived.

Food requirements in any season of your life.
            Result:  Instead of legalistic diets, learn to notice your body’s unique needs and meet them in a way that you enjoy and can experience the benefits.

Communication and relationship style towards you, your family, and your company/ministry.
            Result:  Discover what is causing the conflict that drains your energy, impacts your relationships, and hinders your walk with the Lord. 

Learn to respond in your strengths, with an awareness of your weaknesses, in ALL areas of your life.

What does Inner Circle provide for you?

    • Twelve months of VIP support with Forest and Cheryl. Including two days in-person every quarter in their home to teach and model the lifestyle principles. You will receive assessments, supplement protocols, neuro-coaching, and more as needed in a home environment, not a hotel or doctor’s office.

    • All supplements prescribed to support your protocol for that year, access to all Lifestyle for Health programs, books, and services, and all neuro- resources (bands, sparker, scarfs) demonstrated during that year.

    • VIP access to Forest and Cheryl. As clients are clamoring for more and more help, you receive VIP access and regular coaching when needed. Time is made for you instead of you attempting to squeeze into the tight schedule of others.

    • Priority areas of your life will be assessed, and a customized action plan will be created for you. Those life areas include Hormone Balancing, Personality and Listening Strengths & Weaknesses, Cleansing Soul Ties, Emotional Clearing through Prayer, Celebrating Wins, and so much more.

Are you ready to flourish in this season?

Contact Lifestyle for Health to set up your initial interview/consultation to see if this is a good fit for you and if you qualify for the ultimate in wisdom coaching for you in this season.

**There are currently 3 spots available in the Inner Circle Concierge Program 

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