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In her cookbooks, Cheryl recommends Penzey’s Spices. We have changed the recommendation to The Spice House. They carry many of the same spice blends that Penzey’s does, but at a better price and we feel slightly better quality.

Our favorite from Penzey’s was Fox Point. At The Spice House, it is called Lake Shore Drive and is $5 less expensive for the 1 cup jar. You’ll also want to order some Green Peppercorns – these are a great alternative to Black Pepper and rarely test as inflammatory, which black pepper almost always does. When you order, choose their flat-packs and shipping will be free.

We love their websiteFacebook page and their passion for great food and great spices. Their story: the owner of The Spice House and the owner of Penzey’s are siblings. The original spice business was started by the parents. The siblings each started their own spice business. The Spice House is smaller and does not have stores nationwide, but their online ordering is very easy. We feel that because of their smaller size and greater attention to detail, that we are getting a better quality spice and clearly a better price value.

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