I love the story of Joshua.  He has conquered a new land and he is told that if he follows God’s word, he will prosper, deal wisely and have ‘good’ success.

Years ago when I read that, I realized that if there can be ‘good’ success there can probably be ‘bad’ success.  What is difference?  ‘Bad’ success comes at a price of losing what we value.

During the height of my success in the Lifestyle for Health Clinic, I was on over 1,000 radio and TV shows, I worked with tens of thousands of clients from around the world and published at least one book each year.  The clinic generated around $1,000,000 /year (taking no insurance).  By most appearances I was considered a ‘success!’

Unfortunately that success was of the ‘bad’ variety.  During that same time frame our daughter wanted nothing to do with health or us (that has since completely changed).  My health had deteriorated, I was aging rapidly and my body fat was at 45%  (that too has changed).  My marriage and many of my relationships were strained (that too has transformed).  Success had come at a huge price!

Be sure you consider the cost of the success you are creating before it bankrupts you in the precious areas that money cannot touch.  I propose that learning how to PROSPER (do well in every area of your life) is the ‘good’ success that Joshua experienced.  Having learned to seek prospering, I can assure you that ‘good’ success is worth the paradigm shift!  It is now the foundation of my Wisdom Coaching program.