My favorite way to start each day is sitting on my deck with coffee, blueberries, my journal and my iPad. The iPad connects me to my favorite teachers and has my Kindle for easy book reference!

I’m not sure what I’ll do when winter hits – probably put on my coat, bundle up and move the snow off so that I can continue to enjoy my morning, creating clarity of focus to start the day!

As I look off to the west, I see the amazing Rocky Mountains and . . . the two pictures attached this article. On the left are a couple of Aspen trees that are dying and on the right is one of the most beautiful, perfectly shaped White Spruce trees I’ve ever seen and it’s in my yard!

Last week I had a wonderful Aha Momement – almost all of my ‘seeing and thinking’ has been focused on and fussing about the dying trees and wondering how to replace them. All the while I’ve been missing the joy of looking at and enjoying the majesty of my ‘perfect’ White Spruce!

Now, every time I step onto my deck I pause, look at My Majestic Spuce, and ask myself, “Where in my life is majesty, strength, beauty, purpose, or destiny looking at me and calling my name and I’m missing it because my focus is on the messes, the challenges, the bumps, the problems?”


For the last two months I’ve been enjoying my ‘deck time,’ working on my daily focus and God’s word for me for that day, all the while missing this amazing picture/symbol of His Majesty in my life. Why? Because I was focusing on what is dying!