Have you ever been on a health journey and thought, what is my problem? What I try seems to do work for everybody else but not for me. Aha! That’s not the issue. The opportunity is that there is something unique about you that you have yet to discover. 

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Yes it’s great to go through all the schooling, get all the credentials and all the diplomas! That process teaches you about what’s in a library, a current library hopefully. But when you add wisdom, which for me, comes from almost 30 years of experience, working with tens of thousands of people from around the world, you begin to discover simple little items that are often overlooked but that can make a profound difference in people’s health results. Things that have caused people to get frustrated and ready to quit. Whether it’s working on hormones and hot flashes or it’s working on inflammation or weight or mental clarity or being able to sleep or having more energy, frustrations happen! 

Today, I want to take one of those unique characteristics, that you all have, but you may not have yet discovered how it’s impacting your health. The reason I’m sharing this story is because of a client I was working with just last week – a woman over 45 and she was dealing with hot flashes. 

She had dealt with all the hormone treatments and she had changed her diet and she couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t get rid of hot flashes. But because she’s in our Youthful and Fit Program and I teach what’s unique about her blood type, which I’m going to share in a minute, she made one little change. It wasn’t a  supplement, it wasn’t a change in food. It was one little change and all of a sudden the hot flashes went away! Now what if you could discover simple little adjustments, course adjustments, that allow you to get so much better results? 

What is that unique variable that I’m going to talk about? It’s your blood type. 

Most people don’t know their blood type. There are several ways that you can find out your blood type. You can ask your doctor but they usually don’t know. Easier – on Amazon you can get a home blood type test kit. It’s one use, so it’s one per person. It’s usually less than $10 – very inexpensive. We did it as a homeschool project years ago with our family! The other way you can do it is to give blood and they’ll tell you. 

Yes, I’ve read the books on blood type, diet and health and there is a lot of good information but it quickly gets confusing and it gets hard. If you know anything about me as a Wisdom Coach, EASY matters because if it’s not easy you won’t do it and your brain won’t like it. 

Let’s take look at some quick highlights of the four blood types and how you can take advantage of them.

Each blood type has strengths and weaknesses. 

Let’s start with the most common, which is blood type O.

Blood type O’s tend to have pretty good digestion, relatively good immune systems, and their challenge? Inflammation! It usually will impact their lungs with breathing challenges or the liver, or it might impact their hormones. A lot of weight challenges for blood type O’s, especially when it’s in the midsection, are due to inflammation. 

In our Youthful and Fit Program, we help you identify foods that are inflammatory for you. With blood type O’s that’s typically grains, dairy and sugar. That’s why our family went wheat free, sugar free, and dairy free over 30 years ago – before it was the in-thing to do! 

In addition to the inflammatory foods and inflammation, blood type O’s need to destress with exercise. 

Back to the woman I mentioned at the beginning – when she started exercising, which she had laid off due to an injury, she said, “I quickly felt better, I slept better, and the hot flashes went away!”

In addition to getting exercise and looking at your food choices, I do have a favorite supplement to help deal with inflammation. Dr. Keller’s Original Glutathione Formula (OGF). This is so effective in reducing inflammation that Dr Keller was able to receive a patent for it when he created it! 

OGF helps the body make it’s own glutathione. This is very different from and much more effective than trying to put actual glutathione into your body (it doesn’t survive going through your digestive track). You can learn more on our website: CherylTownsley.com

Now what about blood type A’s? I know that one really well, because that’s me and it’s our daughter. The good news? We’re typically clever and smart. The challenge is our digestion, and our emotional sensitivity. Statistically blood type A’s die eight years younger than other blood types, most commonly from cancer. So being a blood type A, I monitor digestion, which includes bowels and my emotional stability. When those two are doing well, Cheryl is doing well!

So the two products or categories that really help me are digestive and emotional support. 

My favorite digestive support is an enzyme called VSCLR. It helps with the digestion of fat. This became my very best friend at age 50 (when I was going through menopause). So at almost 66 now I’ve been using this for a very long time! 

(VSCLR is a professional product that we can not advertise on our website – please call our office if you’re interested in ordering it – 719-488-5688). 

The other thing that I discovered to be tremendously helpful as a blood type A is flower essences. In my book Discovering Wholeness, I have an entire chapter on Flower Essences and how to use them. Once you discover these, especially if you’re a blood type A, you’re going to wonder why nobody told you about them! 

Bach Flower Remedies can be found in most health food stores. There’s a questionnaire on our website so you can determine the ones that would be best for you. I have about three or four that I keep on hand because they take me from being a mess back to useful very, very quickly. 

You can dilute them, you can apply them topically, you can put them in water or under your tongue. They’re easy, inexpensive, and a lifesaver for many of my clients. 

Now blood type B’s are completely different. They do well with exercise, but they don’t want it to be quite as competitive as blood type O’s. One of their challenges, they can overextend themselves which can impact hormones and their brain. Like blood type A’s it’s important that they work on digestion and emotions. 

For blood type B’s it’s so important to protect your brain. So what can you do to protect your brain? Well, first of all, you can learn how to relax, breathe, and get a good night’s sleep. That’s when the brain refreshes at night. In addition to that, getting plenty of good essential fatty acid’s is very helpful for the brain. 

One of the reasons I like the OHS EFA is that it’s vegetarian. It uses algae instead of fish. It also has flax oil and borage oil, so it’s an all purpose essential fatty acid. Now, if you ever take a fatty acid and notice that you’re burping, that’s not a fatty acid that works well with your body. If you have trouble swallowing it, it’s another sign that your body doesn’t like the formulation that you’re using. 

Let’s look at  blood type AB. That’s the special group because what I have found in the research on AB’s, often didn’t work for most people. 

What I have discovered in over 25 years of working with blood types is that an AB will either be more like an A or more like a B. Once you discover that, then it becomes very easy to know how to adjust your lifestyle, your foods, and your supplements. In Youthful and Fit, we help you discover what’s unique for you and how you can learn to hear what your body is saying to you. You can discover your inflammatory foods, you can discover the exercise that works for you. You can discover what’s keeping you from sleeping or balancing your hormones. And we help you lose belly fat and the weight that sets you up for major health issues due to inflammation, regardless of your blood type. 

So if you’re struggling in any area and you have tried program after program after program, isn’t it time that you discover the tools and the strategies that reflect your unique body so that you can customize it to work for you?

If you’d like more information on Youthful and Fit, or any of our other services, go out to CherylTownsley.com and let us help you discover you’re not a failure, you’re not a loser . . . instead, you are unique. As you learn how to listen to your body, you’ll discover breakthroughs and results you didn’t think were possible!