Youthful and Fit After 45!

Youthful and Fit After 45!

A Step by Step Plan to:

  • Balance Hormones
  • Restore and Improve Mental Clarity
  • Improve Sleep
  • Release Belly Fat and Unwanted Weight
  • Overcome Inflammation
  • Reverse and Slow Down Aging
  • Move Better with Less Pain

This is our newest program, bringing together the best of our Inflammation and Weight Loss Breakthrough Program in an easier to do format. All content is new and updated to reflect our most recent work on how to overcome and reduce inflammation plus a totally new component - Neurology!

That's right if you don't have a program that is based on and teaches you how to work with your brain vs. against it, you're very likely to have the same "success" you've had in the past . . . "Oh, I guess this just doesn't work for me!" 

Youthful and Fit is based on the latest brain/neurology research so that you can work with your brain to create the success you desire without throwing yourself into overwhelm and another failure!

This is an 8-week program plus a bonus 6-week support/follow-up segment. You have lifetime access so that you can stop, start, restart or redo anytime you want! Also included is a complete 3-Day Reset Your Hormones eating plan as well as 60 additional pages of recipes - all designed to make your food easy to fix, taste amazing and of course, be anti-inflammatory.

You'll also have access to a private Facebook group so that you have a support community to interact with, as well as with Cheryl - who is in the group daily, making sure that all questions are answered. Unlike many programs, we actually engage with and personally support our community daily!

Additional Questions? Call our office: 719-488-5688 - We want to help you make sure this to be the right program for you to get the results you desire!

Youthful and Fit After 45

Bringing together 25+ years of clinical experience, working with thousands of clients, to help you overcome brain fog, unwanted weight gain, low energy, poor sleep, out-of-control hormones, and poor sleep ~ one step at a time!

$197.00 USD

  • Daily Lessons for 8 weeks
  • 6 Additional Weeks of Support and Follow-up
    • 139 lessons in total
    • Includes a week on movement and mobility
    • A week on cleansing and cleanses
    • A week on supplements and how to assess and use them
  • 3 Day Hormone Reset Diet
  • 60 Page Recipe Book (PDF Download)
  • Learn how to customize just for you
  • Facebook Private Support Group
    • We interact with this group daily - all posts are responded to
    • Updated Coaching and Training Videos are added weekly
  • Lifetime Access: Stop, Start, Restart Anytime!
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee