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For over 30 years, thousands of people have come to us looking for proven, uncomplicated, natural answers to countless personal challenges ranging from anxiety to weight gain, stiffness, fatigue, or chronic pain. Regardless of the many solutions we individualize for everyone; this is what we tell them:

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Transformation at any age is possible. A solution is always in reach to change your situation and live a healthy and happy lifestyle in spirit, soul, and body. If it’s not easy, it’s too hard — there’s always an easy way.


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Our clients consistently find faster and more complete results when they reach out to us to get real answers fast.


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Easily access hundreds of healthy alternatives to family favorites to increase energy, balance hormones, energize your brain — and fit into your favorite jeans.


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Find essentials you need to thrive in this collection of tools referenced in the Townsley's programs and teachings.

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“So excited! My husband and I are on day 4 of the program. We have both lost weight and enjoyed foods that we had never tried before! The best part for me is that I have not felt hungry or had any … Read more
Jennifer P.