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Lifestyle for Health

It’s Time to Simplify Your Lifestyle.

For over 30 years, tens of thousands of people have come to us looking for proven, easy options to countless challenges including anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, brain fog, hormone imbalances, and much more.

Your Easy Path to Health and Wholeness!

If it’s not easy…

it’s too hard!

Are you tired of being overwhelmed and looping with health issues? It’s time to let go of hard and step into EASY!

Welcome to Life Style for Health

The Easy Approach

Say goodbye to brain fog, aches & pains, and overwhelm. With live coaching and a supportive community, you’ll say hello…

The Miracle Switch

Anxiety, brain fog, insomnia, chronic pain. What if you could change it all with the flip of a switch? Learn to rese…

Time to Move

Movement is the currency of life – when we lose our ability to move, our quality of life rapidly diminishes, regardle…

Interrupt the Overwhelm Loop

Our Free Gift to You and Welcome to the Lifestyle For Health Legacy Community You will receive access to 5 of Cheryl…

It’s time to become the whole person God created you to be, the EASY Way

Coaching & Mentoring Made EASY.


Wake up! Your mindset either propels you to the results your heart desires or keeps you looping in sabotage!


What you fail to use, you lose. Flexibility, fluidity, vision, balance, and strength can be improved at any age.


Simplify food and supplements to give you energy, reduce inflammation, and slow down the aging process.

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How it Works

I’ll walk you through the entire process

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The EASY Approach is our flagship program with weekly coaching and community support for one affordable price. Try us for just $1 for two weeks, then $20/month. No contracts.

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