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Private Facebook Group

Community is our bond

This is where we connect with our community every day, answer questions, and give you quick health tips!

New Client Forms & Documentation

One-on-One Clients

If you have an appointment with Cheryl, please click here for forms, instructions and directions. Please to pre-fill out the documentation before your consultation.

Online Training Programs

Click here to go to our training website to see and access all of our online training and membership programs.

Our Most popular Health & Wellness Products

Are you well? At the heart of that casual question, asked in everyday conversation, lies the secret to living a life of optimum balance and vitality.

One Month Kit

Neumi Essential

Order direct from Neumi
and save $30

EMF Protection

Lifetune Go

Order direct from Aires Tech: Use
code “cheryltownsley” to save 25%

Energize & Repair

IteraCare Wand

Labor Day Sale
Buy 2 for $500 – Save $160

Why Neumi, the Wand, EMF Protection?

Why Neumi changed my protocols

Lerss is more

After 30+ years of creating customized client protocols, two new products from Neumi made it easy! No one was more surprised than me!

EMF and EMR Protection

The healing process

We’re all aware of the problems from increasing EMF and EMR exposure. After much looking, we’ve found a device to help – with the science to back it up!

Amazing Wand Results!

Simple & Effective

Two years ago I was introduced to the iTeraCare Wand, and I ignored it because it didn’t make sense to me – until now!

Why Mindset, Health, and Movement?

What Is Your Mindset?


When choices are too hard, our brain fights us and we revert back to old, familiar patterns and results. You own it, you live it, a healthy mindset.

Our Greatest Wealth is Health


What if you could learn to enjoy food that nourishes your body, restores your health, and tastes amazing?

Play Like a Kid Again


Whether you started athletically or believed you were a klutz, or you’re somewhere in between, quality movement can restore or improve at any age.

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