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Why I Love the ITeraCare Wand
As I discussed in my Why Neumi post, I’ve spent the last year looking for easier and more affordable ways to help my clients deal with the increasing health challenges they face in this post-covid season. When I was first introduced to the iTeraCare wand, it simply looked like another nice gadget. After reading a testimony that I trusted, I finally decided to get one. As I played with it, I began seeing its benefits and broader applications for supporting easy and effective wellness protocols for my clients. Best of all, it’s a one-time purchase with daily benefits. Like Neumi, it’s helping virtually every client I see! The two products together create an amazing synergistic effect that is helping me reduce client’s supplement protocols by up to 50% while increasing results.

While the wand benefits are many, there are a couple that I focus on. The most important is hydration (a problem I see in virtually every client). The wand is like a hair dryer, but instead of just putting out heat, it creates a terahertz frequency (similar to the infrared frequency in a sauna).

That frequency can be imprinted into your water, changing its charge/energy. The water becomes silkier and easier to drink, improves hydration, and helps support lymph drainage. When combined with the Neumi glutathione support, the results are magnified. In my video, I’ll talk about the other primary benefits we’re seeing with the wand. You can learn more on this weblink:

They offer three different wands. We use and recommend the Classic (Red) Wand. The cost is $380 in the US. Shipping from within other countries is available – the price varies). Wands come with a 1-year warranty.

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Why I Love the ITeraCare Wand

Cheryl Townsley 704 views August 15, 2023 6:34 am

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