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About Us

Forest & Cheryl Townsley

Wisdom Coaches

Forest and Cheryl believe that lasting transformation does not come from artificial intelligence but from wisdom gained through real-life experiences and authentic community with shared values.

Lifestyle for Health

Humble Beginnings

Lifestyle for Health has grown out of Cheryl and Forest overcoming significant health and financial challenges that began early in their marriage.

As they worked with a holistic chiropractor to restore their health, Cheryl took what she was learning and began teaching small cooking classes in local health food stores; making healthy food taste great was unheard of 30 years ago! Out of these small beginnings came multiple best-selling books and appearances on over a thousand television and radio shows.

In the wellness arena, the last three years have changed everything! After working with clients from around the world for over 30 years, Cheryl now says, “It has never been this hard – people’s health challenges and finding easy and lasting solutions is requiring every skill I’ve learned plus daily grace and wisdom from God. A perfect diet and perfect solutions no longer cut the mustard”.

Cheryl Townsley

Naturopath Wisdom Coach

Forest Townsley

Neuro-Movement Coach & Chef

Lanee Young

Neuro-Movement Coach

Our Mission

We support our growing community through teaching, coaching, and sharing hope for creating lives congruent with each individual’s strengths and gifts – God’s plan for each life. In this post-covid season, we are building a legacy community: people committed to greater health for themselves and their families.

Lifestyle for Health is committed to supporting your success with practical strategies, proven resources, and affordable, effective products. Our programs are not ‘one size fits all downloads.’ We offer one-on-one coaching for people wanting rapid and individualized

Our programs are not one size fits all downloads. We offer one-on-one coaching for people wanting rapid and individualized results, plus a full range of affordable, online training programs that will take you one baby step at a time, with support, toward a healthier and more purposeful lifestyle.

God has called us to steward our temples (our bodies) and truly live to our full potential. For over 30 years, Lifestyle for Health has been empowering people like you to get real results, on a budget that can be sustained, as a lifestyle. These successes are a lighthouse of hope for everyone to live their full potential in a healthy and fit body.

It’s funny the changes you notice. I’ve shopped in the plus size department for so long, it’s taken awhile for me to make the shift & shop in the misses department without first browsing plus sizes.

– Sherri Wakeman

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