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Why Neumi™ Changed My Client Protocols

Over the last 30+ years, working with clients from around the world, I’ve tested and used thousands of different products; products clients have brought in, store brand products, MLM products, private label products, professional lines, and more. The goal is always to create a protocol customized to their specific needs. In this ‘post-covid’ season, people’s needs have dramatically changed. The cases I see are more challenging than any I’ve seen in 30 years. That, combined with the impact of inflation on people’s budgets and the simple fact that people are tired of taking pills, required that I find easier and more effective solutions!

Last year I started looking and praying for a solution. For over 13 years, I’ve used glutathione supplements as a foundation for most of my protocols. Unlike all other antioxidants, glutathione is the only anti-oxidant you can’t live without. It is as essential to your life as oxygen. Without it, you die. The challenge has always been how to easily and affordably deliver it to every cell in your body. Oral glutathione supplements do not make it through your digestive tract, making them ineffective.

Earlier this year, I began working with a new product with a new delivery technology. The company, Neumi, created a patent pending technology that delivers nano-sized glutathione molecules directly to your bloodstream – with no pills! You just swish and swallow. The results surprised even me! It didn’t just work on some or most of my clients; it’s been a homerun hit for virtually every client. To make it even better, they have also made a skincare spray product, using the same technology, that has dramatically improved the quality and appearance of my skin!!

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