As a Wisdom Coach, naturopath, business consultant and executive coach, Cheryl is known for getting results and making it EASY for her clients to discover the next step that will take them from where they are to where they want to go.  Whether it's a hectic home school mom trying to manage a hectic day or a corporate executive wanting to grow his/her company, Cheryl has the gift of asking the right questions to help her clients discover their Aha! and take next step toward their desired outcome.

Today – Size 10   Started at size 14-16!
Down 14 pounds!  That’s worth celebrating!”

“I’ve been traveling for work this week and had to be in the corporate offices so more dressed up. I wore the suit and dresses I was now able to fit into after 10-15 years the first part of the week. Had packed dress pants for yesterday and today. I was so pleasantly shocked when I got dressed yesterday morning. First pair of pants fell off. Haven’t had them on since I’d lost 14 pounds and it hadn’t dawned on me until that moment! What a great problem!! I found something to wear yesterday and then went shopping after work for something to wear today! Once again I was amazed when I got to purchase pants 3 sizes smaller than the beginning of summer!  WOO HOO!!!!

Thanks Cheryl!! Looks like I get to buy more new clothes when I get home!!!”

Mikki Davis

“Here are my amazing results in the first 21 days:  A grand total of 15.7 pounds released.
Inches released 18.8″

I have to tell you I have followed and participated in several diet plans and NEVER got these kind of results in such a short period of time!

I’m so grateful for Dr. Cheryl and her expertise and wisdom!

I am continuing to follow appropriate water consumption, experimenting with new food choices, eating out on occasion and I am continuing to release weight.”

Darlene Creasman

“All the teaching you have done through Weight Loss and Inflammation Phases 1 and 2 has been extremely valuable to me.  I have been teaching my 6th grade students about the RAS and how to breathe when stress hits.  They love hearing about this and it makes the stress level of high strung students diminish.   Thank you!”

Sheryl S.

Cheryl Townsley is a caring practitioner and an excellent teacher. She is concise, clear and she listens. She is easy to understand and the training has been easy to implement into my life and the life of my clients the very day I’m taught.

Gerri KierDigestive SpecialistComplete Nutrition Alliance

“Loving the definition coming back to my legs, even without adding my exercise back in! Amazing what a difference inflammation makes and even better what a lack of inflammation looks like!

Day 10 for me and finding the strength to continue on because I love my results!”

Monica B.

“I just have to say I was at the grocery store with both my kids dressed and ready, as well as myself, happy and joyful. And a lady stopped me and asked how I did it with two kids … I smiled, blushed, and said without God it wouldn’t be possible but changing the way I lived my life with food changed my life. It has changed my depression my ‘overwhelmedness’, being able to have grace for myself. People notice and now I am even more grateful for God putting Cheryl in my life. I’m going to celebrate me today.

My skin is clear, I’m down 14 pounds and still losing. I feel amazing. Almost never tired. And I can celebrate life with my family.”

Kellie Schwager

“I found the Weight Loss and Inflammation program just a month ago and since then my entire world has been rocked and cracked wide open!

My brain seems to be working differently . . . I almost can’t explain how, but my thinking is different! Here’s another insight, I’m sitting here pondering things, and I remember that for years I’ve said, “I can’t wait to lose the weight, it’s not who I am. I feel like a freak . . . and now that I’ve found my way to do just that, I feel absolutely no need to hurry!

I feel at ease and am looking forward to learning about what my body needs from me. The urgency was in the finding of the answer and that is gone . . . now there is just comfort in the knowing I have it.  What a Blessing!”

Danielle O.

“The strangest thing just happened at the grocery store. Instead of looking at the overweight people and identifying with them, I was noticing the skinny people and telling myself that’s where I’m headed. Experiencing a definite shift in how I see myself!

I am still quite shocked by the fact that the more I work the program the less hungry I am. Shocked, but pleased and grateful.”

Nancy V.

“So excited! My husband and I are on day 4 of the program. We have both lost weight and enjoyed foods that we had never tried before!

The best part for me is that I have not felt hungry or had any sugar cravings!

Thank you so much! You all are such a Blessing!”

Jennifer P.

Before and Current (still have open goals)
Pounds Lost: 22.1 lbs.
Inches Lost: 17.8″
Body Fat Lost: 5.7%

Doing the lifestyle work from Phase 2 of the program: 4 months (all food and emotions (work, marriage & personal struggles with random 1-2 days of exercise) and I continue to improve!

Typical Compliments: Glowing & Younger (feeling blessed & excited).

“Glory to God for gifts given to Dr. Cheryl Townsley and her willingness to walk in obedience. Hallelujah!”

Teresa G.

“Today is day 86 for me.  I feel like I have had a lot of challenges – lots of traveling – 4 trips, including one 10-day trip that included a wedding rehearsal dinner, wedding, hotel stay, etc. AND being without a kitchen for 5 weeks while mine was remodeled, AND a 50th birthday.

I love my program and the results I’ve seen.
Today was a new low weight-wise. I’m just shy of 30 pounds lost. I have seen so many other benefits as well – like discovering things about the way my body and emotions work.”

Lisa Z.

In 21 Days: Total pounds lost: 12.5 / Inches lost: 4.5 / Energy – Increased / Muscle pain – Decreased

“The benefits to having these tools is that I always know that I can go back to a day of rest and lose any extra weight that may have came about from eating something that caused an inflammatory response in my body. I immediately know when I have eaten something that causes a negative response because I will have a feeling of heaviness in my stomach combined with lack of energy and extreme sleepiness. This has made me aware of the importance of eating healthy for my family members as well.

My husband started this plan two weeks ago and has lost 10 pounds, does not snore anymore and can fit in clothes that he hasn’t worn in two or three years.

Our special needs daughter is learning what it is like to eat food that not only tastes great but is healthy for her body.

My husband and I are sharing a much better relationship now because we are feeling better about ourselves and supporting each other in our new healthy lifestyle.”

Pam B.

“I am 52 years old and had been trying for 2+ years to solve Leaky Gut Syndrome (officially known as Hyper-permeable intestines) and I was so tired of no forward movement. I kept getting ‘bloaty’ in my abdomen, no matter what I ate. I had aches and pains everywhere in my body, especially at the joints in my hands and feet. I was spending a ton of money on supplements and ‘programs’ and I was buying frozen gluten free/dairy free stuff but never any fresh food.

About 8 years ago, I had stopped cooking at home (fresh foods didn’t work for me).  I’m now back to enjoying cooking and eating ‘real food’. The inflammation in my body is gone, the aches and pains are gone. I am taking just a few herbal supplements now. Here is a visual of what I look like on the outside. Words alone cannot accurately describe the wonderful feeling on the inside. I feel so hopeful and I feel like the Susan Lynn I used to know (me!).  My life is returning. I am not getting older, I am getting younger.

I started with Dr. Cheryl on Phase 1 of the program on March 22, 2015. Today is May 28, 2015.  To see this much change in just 2 months totally amazes me!”

Susan F.

“For weeks I was eating what little stuff I had in the house. I rarely ate an actual lunch or very much dinner. My weight wasn’t moving past my initial 35 pound loss.

It was time to hit ‘restart’.  I re-stocked my house with groceries 2 weeks ago, and have been cooking and eating (like I learned when I first started the program).  And my weight has been going down again!  (Almost at a 40 pound loss now!)

It’s awesome to know that I can hit the ‘restart button’ anytime!  You can’t skip meals or not eat much thru the day and expect results! That is an old mind-set put on us by society that doesn’t serve me!

With addressing inflammation thru nutrition and actually eating what your body loves and needs, you will see Positive Results!!”

Annette A.

“It’s funny the changes you notice. I’ve shopped in the plus size department for so long, it’s taken awhile for me to make the shift & shop in the misses department without first browsing plus sizes.”

Sherri Wakeman

“Weight loss has been an up and down journey since I started but I’m learning so much.

Good news is my waist is 2 inches smaller, I’m sleeping better, my morning temp is staying at 97 or above and I have found new foods I love! I know the weight will eventually come off so I’m not focused on that as much.
I’ve learned to replace, “What’s wrong with my body?” with the much kinder, “What’s unique about my body?”

I’m also discovering that while I react or don’t test well on regular cheese, yogurt, deli meat, etc. I CAN do cheese and yogurt made from grass fed cows, reduced sodium nitrate free turkey breast from the deli, baby potatoes, sweet potatoes, spelt bread, organic bananas, etc.

Since we aren’t really eating out it’s no big deal to spend a little extra at the grocery store! I guess quality really does matter!  I’m learning to enjoy food in all new ways. What a fun journey! “

Debbie P.

“Dr. Cheryl Townsley has given me the tools I need to change my life. I have lost 96 lbs in a year and a half under her leadership. I had been unsuccessful in getting healthy with everything else I tried. God has anointed her to be the guide to lead me to freedom and healing from the awful bondage I was in.  She is kind and caring person who truly wants to help us in our journey to health. Thank you Cheryl!”

Susan L.

The work I did with Cheryl Townsley was crucial in my transition from the woman whom I didn’t want to be into becoming the woman of strength and courage that I wanted to be.  She supported and encouraged me in my dreams and helped me gain my voice.

Rachel AmbersonActress, Model

The innate ability of Cheryl Townsley to uncover root issues, whether it regards health, emotions or life choices, is due to her wisdom and discernment based on a foundation of rich knowledge, research and experience. I am inspired by her spirit of excellence and loveliness.

Nikki UpchurchHigh School Teacher, Wellness Coach

Working with Cheryl is always an amazing experience.  She is person with honor and integrity. She’s a tremendous resource for all health needs, on all levels; physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Her wisdom, the results I get and how she coaches me helps me effectively and easily  share that information with others. I’ve never walked away without learning something new from her, or feeling like a better person.

Corky BellamyWellness CoachB/C Health

Cheryl Townsley has been extremely helpful in giving me guidance on how to frame the value that a Mentoring Program can bring to the company I work for.   She has a unique way of being able to immediately get at the questions I need to be asking to document the importance of our Mentoring Programs.  Her insight and experience with the corporate mindset made it easy for me to explain my situation to her and for her to give me practical, easy-to-apply advice.

Al AndersenSenior Manager and Mentor DevelopmentCognizant Technology Solutions

I began work with Cheryl Townsley in 2001 with the primary focus on becoming healthier. We soon began using her coaching process so that I could more effectively apply God’s Wisdom Principles to the other areas of my life and company. Cheryl taught me the value of questions and wisdom in a practical manner. The results were easy, created unlimited outcomes and positively impacted every area of my life and business!

Bruce BarleanBusiness OwnerBarlean's Organic Oils

By coaching with Cheryl Townsley, I have learned that staying neutral and asking lots of questions helps my clients figure out great solutions!  I don’t need to have all the answers, or be “in control”.   I can engage with others in ways that they are built up, encouraged and inspired. As a result, businesses are growing, and individual dreams are achieved – at a much faster rate than I had been able to achieve with my clients prior to working with Cheryl!

Bev EmersonPresidentOlive Tree Product Development

Cheryl’s ‘Beyond Goal Setting to REAL Results’ seminar has helped me identify where I was setting ridiculously unrealistic expectations/goals for myself, missing them, followed by very negative self-talk and linking it to “I’m a failure, I mess everything up. Identifying this cycle rocked my world and its changed so much in my life, even just in the last few days. Wow, Wow, Wow. God is building on these revelations and I’ll have the workbook open for a long time!

Hannah Runnels

Cheryl’s solutions, whether in the area of health or personal wisdom coaching are full of hope. They’re easy to apply and produce results.

Nancy DorschtHome School Mom

230 down to 173 – – – 60 pounds changes everything!
Yes, transformation can happen after 60!

Aches and pains gone.
Vision stable. It was blurrier in the mornings and improved during the day.
Candida symptoms gone.

Respect from husband up. He is impressed that I’m diligent and cook a meal for each of us.

“I love the community Facebook page, the support, the stories, the suggestion, questions, and celebrating each others successes!

Thank you Cheryl for changing my life forever and helping me do something with my body, in my 60’s, that I’ve never been able to do before!”

Anne Krueger

When I found out in 2001 that I had breast cancer, I went to Cheryl Townsley’s Health Mastery Seminar. I spent a week in her care and when I returned to home, I diligently followed the health protocol developed for me. Within two months I had lost 20 pounds, looked 20 years younger and the doctors found the cancer in remission (only my body could cure the problem). I stay in contact with Cheryl for my continued health support, wisdom and friendship.

Mary Lou TitusWomen's Ministry Leader

Cheryl Townsley, through her coaching process, took our organization and staff to new heights. She helped us get to the core of our motivations, values and perceptions and not only defining where we were currently at, but providing essential tools to help us get to where we wanted to go. Cheryl helped chart the course and turn our chosen behaviors into daily habits – which is key to success, both professionally and personally.

John PuckettCEOBarleans Organic Oils

“From age 51 and 45% body fat to age 59 and 22% body fat – transformation can happen at any age!”

Our bodies know how to heal, IF and this is the big IF, we give our bodies what they are looking for! You can create health and bring restitution to your current health and aging process by:
~ Learning to love the foods your body loves!
~ Learning to customize a plan just for you!
~ Learning to let your plan be easy!?
~ Creating a community to support your health!

Cheryl Townsley

Some of the more dramatic improvements in just 21 days:
Waist: down 5.75 inches
Belly: down 2.25 inches

Total weight loss in the first 21 days: 6.6 pounds

Total weight loss since my heaviest, earlier this summer: 12.2 pounds

“I was actually able to get on a pair of pants this morning that I have not been able to wear for over 1 year!!
I love celebrating the victories!

Considering I have not been able to exercise at all due to my back pain, I feel that these numbers are very good!!! “

Kory K.

As a coach and as a business leader, the wisdom and insight I have received from Dr. Cheryl Townsley over 15 years have been life changing for me and my clients.

Steven KellerWellness Coach

Struggling with health issues my whole life, brought me to a point of not wanting to medicate symptoms, but get to the root and really become healthy. What I love about Cheryl Townsley is that I don’t have to try this or that, which is a waste of my finances. Over the last two years through Wisdom Coaching and the other services she provides, we have addressed foundational issues that have brought me to a place of feeling healthier, motivated, energized, stronger, more organized and productive than I was even 10 years ago. Thriving!

Sandy AsteWellness CoachParaklete Services

Cheryl Townsley came in to my life in God’s perfect timing.  As a practitioner, I was taking care of everyone but me.  As a friend and mentor, she graciously ‘held up the mirror’ for me to see who I was neglecting.  God has richly blessed Cheryl with many talents, all of which she pours out to others with a servant’s heart.  I have been blessed to be the recipient of this outpouring and it has changed my life.

Lois ReganOwner and Wellness PractitionerWellness Solutions

I knew Cheryl Townsley for years, but started working with her as a Coach during my divorce. My heart had been impacted from living in constant fight/flight mode and my hair was thinning considerably. The stress was so high that when I had to face difficult issues, I would literally shake and have difficulty breathing. I learned to go beyond my circumstances and walk in health as a woman, mom and professional. God was faithful and opened the venue for me to connect with Cheryl at just the right time.

Robyn Wilson PeakeAuthor, CoachFreedom and HOPE Life

Dr. Cheryl has been an answer to prayer in my life.  Not only did she help me get much needed weight off, but she gave me the tools to become healthy body, soul and spirit.   I’ve done programs that helped me lose pounds but didn’t equip me to continue healing.  Cheryl gave me the tools so I would not spiral back into old patterns, but continue moving forward.  I highly recommend her training, expertise and counsel.

Debra HoggRegional DirectorEast Gate Atlanta