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Client Paperwork & Forms

PRIOR to your appointment please complete
the following new client paperwork.


to the Forms & Documents section of our website! Due to the large volume of requests for help, we offer you the ability to pre-fill out the documentation before consulting with Forest or Cheryl. Please use the links below and select your preference for filling out the forms. To be able to fill out the downloadable forms, you will need a PDF Reader and a Printer.

LFH Website Paperwork

“A quick message from Cheryl, about these forms.”

New Client Instructions

Your complete new-client appointment paperwork includes all 2 forms and 3 questionnaires, plus a final form for you to enter the results from the 3 questionnaires. At the end of each form, you will automatically be directed to the next form. If for any reason you need to take a break, you can use the links below to return the form where you left off. After each form is complete, you will be sent an email with your Score Results. You’ll use the scores to fill out the final Scores Entry Form that will be sent to Cheryl.

There are 5 forms (Online or Printable) that you need to complete. They do not need to be done in one sitting.

In-office Appointments

Please allow 2 hours for your first appointment. Follow-up appointments are typically 1 hour. 24-hour notice is required for cancellations unless weather-related, or a $50 cancellation fee is charged. Please also remember to bring any supplements you are currently taking.


Long Distance Clients

  • In addition to the forms above, we’ll need a locket of your hair (enough to cover the face of a quarter). Place this in a baggie with your name written on it. It does not matter if it’s colored or if it’s new or old growth.
  • If you are currently taking any supplements that you would like us to include in the evaluation process, put samples of them in individual baggies, with the product name written on the outside (one supplement per baggie), and include them in the packet you’re mailing us.
  • Mail your packet to 1420 Almagre Peak Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80921. When you mail it, please call and let us know it’s in the mail so that we can get you added to the schedule.
  • When Cheryl has your scan report done, we’ll email you a 3–5 page report of findings and call you to schedule your 1-hour consultation appointment. This can be done via phone, or video conferencing (we use Zoom and will send you a download link after your call so that you can have the replay for future review).
  • Payment is either by check, mailed with your packet, or by credit card at the time of your phone consultation.

Personal Assessment

To fill out specific questionnaires, select the online or download version below, and fill each out completely. Once finished, come back here and click the Submit your Scores button to send your results to Cheryl.

New Client Forms Not Available on Mobile Phones

It is best to fill out these forms on a Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. They are not available on Mobile Phones.

If you have finished your printed paperwork, you can use the button below to submit your scores.

Call with any questions: 719-488-5688

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