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Resetting Your Startle Reflex

Resetting Your Startle Reflex – The EASY Way


What happens when we experience Fear or Trauma?

Fear and Trauma experiences can be different for all of us. Remember, that trauma is unique to each person. What you may perceive as trauma or threat, I may not. 

What matters is becoming aware of when your body/brain has moved into threat or sympathetic mode.

When your brain perceives a threat, your body moves into fight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system response). The original intent of the startle reflex was to help you survive short term, threatening situations. 

When the threat subsides, your body/brain is designed to return to calm or parasympathetic mode.

However, when the perceived threat lasts for an extended period of time (very common today), we see people moving into a constant state of startle. This has a negative impact on hormones, energy, sleep, and overall health.

Startle mode, over time, will begin to take on a physical appearance that looks very similar to a fetal position – the look of startle!

You can see this in people with PTSD, chronic fear or during times of continued stress.  It is stooped posture and forward rounded shoulders, (like a curled up baby).  This has a constant draining impact on our immune system, digestion, cognitive ability, accelerated aging and so much more.

The simple technique, that I’ll show you on this video, can help quickly bring your out of startle reflex. Yes, it’s so simple that it might make no sense to you! Trust me, I see it work quickly and easily on my clients regularly!

Your nervous system is amazing and the good news is that it is designed to reset itself quickly – given the right circumstances or the right actions (like this simple technique).

Resetting the startle reflex can work immediately. In some cases, it needs to be done slowly, and it will, over time, help the brain and body move out of constant threat mode. Just notice how you respond to the exercise and you’ll know how fast or slow you need to go with it.

If you can’t do the startle reset, due to high levels of stress, then start by making “snow angels” on the floor – this reduces the ‘threat” of the drill and can give you a gentle way to start the healing process.  

The best part? It is easy, costs nothing but time, looks silly, and it is relaxing!

The video gives full details.

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