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“Hand Sparking” for Better Energy and Focus


Do you experience fatigue after long days of writing or typing?

This may be the easy solution you’re looking for to restore energy and a sense of calm for you, your children or your spouse! And it’s easy!

Whether it is children in school or adults at work, poor eye/hand integration is one of the fastest ways to exhaust your brain and body.

Many children come home from school tired and frustrated. They end up taking it out on themselves and their family. The same is true of adults who experience brain and eye fatigue.

The eyes and brain are the biggest consumers of energy in your body.

Supporting healthy, strong eye/hand coordination is a great way to protect your energy levels and increase your mental focus and clarity.

This simple reset helps the brain reset the eye/hand connection. In working with clients, I’ve seen this reset improve attitude, energy levels and quality of sleep – instantly!

Try it and see what it does for you, your spouse and perhaps most importantly for your kids! It is easy but does require two people.

Sparker order information:

  • The one we use in our office costs about $50 and you have to call the company to order it (not on their website): Lhasa Oms 800-722-8775 ~ Ask for the Deluxe Piezo Unit
  • You can find a less expensive one on Amazon. It tends to not last as long, but for about $15 it’s a great option. Here’s your direct link:

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