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Last week, as I was looking at our newsletter email list, I had a short walk down memory lane as I remembered many of the faces and names on the list – lots of smiles and great memories came to mind. And of course, there were many whose names I didn’t recognize and I paused to wonder where and how we had connected over the last 25+ years?

Perhaps it was in one of the hundreds of seminars we’ve done or through the radio and televsion interviews I did as we traveled the country, homeschooling our daughter and sharing our message of creating a healthier lifestyle.

Perhaps it was through a referral by a friend to come see me in our clinic – there have been so many amazing people who I’ve sat across the table from; sharing hope and creating a plan for healthier eating and living. So many incredible stories of transformation!

Perhaps through our work with RobKellerMD and their wonderful affiliate program.

Perhaps it was during our time in Mannatech, Max, Visalus or at the Hope Project, where we built wonderful communities of people who had similar desires to help people live healthier more prosperous lives. While we’re no longer associated with these companies, so many amazing friendships and experiences were created.

And now, through the channel of Social Media, there are so many new faces I’m meeting through my Facebook page, where I’m able to easily share my newest recipes and my latest aha’s and insights. Yes I’m still learning from my clients and from the sheer joy of study! Our bodies and brains are truly amazing – there is so much to learn, to discover and to share!

However we met, we’re blessed and honored to be a part of your life journey and we look forward to many more years of building, educating, and supporting this wonderful community!

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