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Cooking for Life

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80 Amazing Recipes to help you: Reverse inflammation, speed up weight loss, balance your hormones, energize your brain, and get you back into your favorite jeans, by learning to cook and eat the foods that your body loves and that you’ll love too!

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90 Amazing recipes to help you: Reverse inflammation, Speed up weight loss, Balance your hormones, Energize your brain, and get back into your Favorite Jeans, by learning to cook and eat the foods that your body loves and that you’ll love too!

The first half of the book takes you through the inflammation process and why it’s so vital that you discover and learn to eat foods that are non-inflammatory for you. In the second half, Cheryl helps you make simple, beautiful recipes that you, your family, your friends, and your body will love!

Surprisingly, many ‘healthy foods’ may not be healthy for you, if they are causing an inflammatory response. In Cooking for Life, Cheryl shares recipes that she has found to be non-inflammatory for most people.

You can only be as healthy as your gut – as you improve your gut health (by eating the foods that your body loves), there is an almost immediate cascade of health benefits that begins to flow through the rest of your body! Cheryl’s clinical experience, with thousands of clients, has proven that the fastest way to balance your hormones, get rid of extra belly fat, get rid of brain fog, improve your energy, reduce joint and muscle pain, and get back into your favorite jeans, is to reduce inflammation in the gut. Cooking for Life will help you do that with foods that look and taste amazing! Easy recipes that are simple to make!

The book is 185 pages long and comes as a spiral bound, 8 1/2 x 11 book with black and white pictures for all recipes. Also included are preferred brands, favorite cooking tools, and tips to make cooking easy and fun!

Also available on Amazon, with color pictures of each recipe, as a Kindle Book for $9.99 (click here).

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2 reviews for Cooking for Life

  1. Debra McCarver (verified owner)

    Cheryl’s story is inspiring and her receipts are fairly easy and straight forward. Cheryl also shares specifics on how to decrees inflammation and on other health topics.
    The recipe book has good and easy to make recipes. The chocolate Chip cookies are easy, and good! I needed that! The spiral binding makes the book easy to use. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their health, and enjoy the process.

    • Forest Townsley

      Thanks so much Debra!

  2. Shelli Miller (verified owner)

    What a great cookbook for anyone needing to get food selection and eating put right! Easy to follow, very simple recipes and wise insights throughout. This is a great bargain not only as a cookbook but also a reference manual to support the changes you are making. Every time I open it I am happy I placed the order.

    • Forest Townsley

      Thanks Shelli – our goal was to share easy and healthy recipes and also help you make life-giving health changes!

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