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The power of Lifetune’s protection offers coverage that is customizable to your lifestyle with both personal and area options, and effective ranges of 19 to 139 feet diameter (depending on device you order). Have confidence that your health is protected throughout your everyday life in this digital world with peace of mind that AiresTech has you covered. There is extensive research and validation on their website – click the link below to learn more.

Order direct from Aires Tech
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Order Direct from AiresTech


The Trusted, Proven EMF Solution

AiresTech’s technology is scientifically proven effective by peer-reviewed and published research. It is globally patented and has undergone rigorous testing in order for their company to go public.

Their solutions do not interfere with the use of your electronic devices. Instead, their technology creates synergy between you and your devices by creating a holographic canceling coherent electromagnetic wave which essentially reverses/cancels the original chaotic energy wave emitted by the source of EMF. This works somewhat like noise-canceling headphones that give you the best sound without background noise.

Lifestyle for Health is an affiliate of AiresTech. They offer 5 different products ranging in price from $90 – $350, The difference being the radius length of their coverage area. We are currently using the Lifetune Flex. You’ll need to make your own necklace if you want to wear it. Just get some 1/8 inch corded ribbon. When you order from our link, use the coupon code “cheryltownsley” at checkout for 25% off. As always, we appreciate it when you use our affilate link as we earn a small commission.


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