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Optimal Flora Plus

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Probiotic formulated with all 9 strains of flora that are patent-proven to withstand the acidity and temperatures that destroy most flora supplements.

A great all-purpose probiotic to support and restore gut health!


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Coronavirus note – This is a new virus and nobody knows how well cold/flu supplement trials apply to coronaviruses. The novel coronavirus is too new and is not structurally the same as either influenza or the various cold viruses. Do not rely on supplements if you suspect you have COVID-19. Please see your physician. We do encourage you to practice good sanitation (handwashing) and support a strong immune system.

What isn’t well known about probiotics (flora) is that there are nine strains of flora, each designated to different parts of the digestive tract. You need all of them to ensure full benefits. Optimal™ Flora Plus contains all nine strains in precise amounts.

This was developed with input from the world’s leading probiotic authority, Dr. Khem Shahani. It nutritionally helps with upset stomach, fatigue, frequent colds and flu, and sensitivity to dairy products. It also supports intestinal health, improves digestion, and fights against toxins and infections.

Adult bodies contain approximately 3 lbs. of friendly flora in the intestine. Flora have a hard time getting into the bowels to colonize but our product’s flora are patent-proven to withstand the acidity and temperatures that destroy most flora supplements. When you’re lacking in natural probiotics, you’re more susceptible to disease and illness.

What causes flora depletion: stress, carbonated beverages, laxatives, birth control pills, coffee, natural aging, and the biggest one is antibiotics. Antibiotics kill not only harmful strains of bacteria but also the ones we need for health and well-being.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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1 review for Optimal Flora Plus

  1. E. PARKS (verified owner)

    When I don’t take Flora I experience a lot of gut issues. Dr. Townsley recommended this product along with OHS Digestion and I began to see results in a couple of days.

    • Forest Townsley

      Pretty much everyone can benefit from a good probiotic – the health of the gut impacts everything in the body.

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