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ReHydration 2 oz.

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One of our besting selling products and most often reordered!

Having trouble staying hydrated? Add 10-15 drops to your water bottle through out the day and experience the difference!

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ReHydration is a homeopathic combination formula for the symptoms associated with fluid imbalances.

For symptoms of excessive thirst; lack of thirst; dry skin; bloating; headaches; stiffness in muscles and joints; mental sluggishness; dry mucous membranes including throat, mouth, sinuses, rectum, and vagina.*

2 oz. bottle

Active Ingredients (per drop):
Adenosinum cyclophosphoricum 12X, 30X; Coffea cruda 9X; Glandula suprarenalis suis 9X, 12X, 6C; Hypothalamus 12X, 6C, 12C; Kali phosphoricum 6X, 12X, 30X; Natrum muriaticum 8X, 12X, 30X; Sarsaparilla 4X, 6X, 12X, 6C; Silicea 12X, 30X; Taraxacum officinale 4X; Thyroidinum 12X, 6C, 12C.

Inactive Ingredients:

Ethyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Purified Water.

* Homeopathic claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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1 review for ReHydration 2 oz.

  1. Ruth Patterson (verified owner)

    I appreciate this ReHydration formula so very much! I was always thirsty with dry throat, mouth, sinuses and skin. The water I drank would go through me with no relief for thirst and I had very severe constipation. When I got the ReHydration and added it to my drinking water my thirst and dryness was soon relieved. After a few more days the constipation was relieved! Thank you Cheryl for your expertise and diligence in finding superior products for our needs that really help us heal!

    • Forest Townsley

      Thanks for the great testimony!

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