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Zizzo Urbano Unboxing

Summer is here!

So, what’s your game plan for spending more time outside this summer?

  • Sunlight is essential for great health and great sleep (more on this in a future newsletter).
  • Movement is necessary for great health.
  • Breathing fresh air is crucial for your best health.
  • “Mask season” is behind us – it’s time get out, move and restore!

Making movement/exercise easy will look different for everyone!

A year and a half ago, we decided that having a puppy would be a great way to get me out and walking every day. Yes, I now go for a walk almost every day with Abbi and yes, I often think, “this would be easier without a dog”, but I also know that without her I wouldn’t be getting out as much – if at all!

In September, Anna made the same decision, and we got Sofie (Abbi’s sister). We’ve all agreed that they are more work, but we also move, play and laugh more – they’re worth it, and we’re worth it!

Walking has now become my most consistent form of exercise. Abbi and I call it our ‘enrichment time’ – we pause, we ‘smell the roses’, we take in the sun, the air, the birds, the mountains and we are reminded to be grateful for all we have – especially the ability to move well without pain!

When she stops I can do some of my mobility drills. As we walk I can do my vision drills. Balance and breathing drills are easy to add in. On warm days we can sit and ground (earthing) ourselves while watching the ducks on the pond.

Not sure you consider walking real exercise? It is the true form of exercise that our bodies were created to do! Do not underestimate the healing power of walking! More on this in another newsletter!

This year I’ve decided to add bicycling into my “get out and move more” plan. That meant getting rid of the mountain bike I haven’t used for 5 years (and the electric scooter I bought last summer) and finding a bike that I could safely use with the pups!

I think you’ll enjoy the above video – watch until the end to see us actually running and riding together (yes I found my helmet the next day)!


There are a lot of ways to get outside and move intentionally. But it needs to be fun and easy – based on where you live, your fitness level, etc. This winter I’ve been doing my strength training in the house with exercise bands (and walking Abbi most days). Bands are affordable, easy and anyone can do it! Rebounders (mini-trampolines) are another great option if getting outside is harder. In fact a good rebounder may be the single most effective piece of exercise equipment you can own. But the bigger decision – what can you start doing to get you moving more? Some of you may already be there, but for others? What sounds easy, what sounds fun, what can you do if you simply start with consistent baby steps?

Look around for inspiration and let this summer be your fresh start on a fun, healthy, new movement habit.

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