Discovering Wholeness



A comprehensive manual on the physical, emotional, and spiritual roots of health.


Integrating the spirit, soul and body releases energy and creates a sense of well being that goes far beyond physical fitness.

Cheryl Townsley’s proven wisdom and experience take you from disease to well being to pursuing a life of destiny and purpose. Discovering Wholeness equips you to reach new levels of wholeness and to enjoy the life God has given you.

Cheryl Townsley is noted for her practical approach to health. Now, Discovering Wholeness brings Cheryl’s practical, effective approach into the emotional and spiritual realms of health. In this riveting book Cheryl Townsley, naturopath, shows you how to:

  • Identify the fear that impacts heart disease
  • Uncover the anger sources that unleash cancer
  • Discover how rejection feeds diabetes
  • Decide which natural therapies will best meet your needs
  • Determine healthier perspectives on challenges
  • Discover optimal health for you – the whole person – spirit, soul and body

Section I

In the Beginning

Section II

The Whole Person

The physical body

The soul

The spirit

Section III

Healing Therapies

 Flower Essence Therapy

 Color Therapy

Spiritual Therapy

Physical Support

It’s Time for Action!

Section IV

Recommendations and Resources

Additional information

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