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Caterpillars aren’t the most beautiful insect. They are long, hairy, awkward, and barely an inch long in life. However, at some point, they go into a transition where they shed all of that and become beautiful butterflies! A transition takes time, and it requires a safe environment.

Living in an unfamiliar and unpredictable world doesn’t create a safe environment for change or transition. Marriages, families, and work environments aren’t always safe and may add to the stress that holds a person back.

Learning how to create a safe environment and being part of a safe/healthy community gives you better options for creating change – the change your heart is looking for. Understanding and learning to recognize what safe even looks like is a process when abuse, trauma, or stress is or has been the daily norm.

God created us to flourish in His presence. Messy emotions, an unsafe world, and overwhelm are doing their best to destroy you, your health, and your life. Take a moment to breathe. Find something you can appreciate in your life. Identify what it would look like to have fun learning, growing, and transforming. Instead of giving up, let this transition be the one God uses to show you how to go from mess to FLOURISHING – no matter what is happening in the world around you.

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