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Cellcore CT-Biotic


CT-Biotic is a blend of spore-forming and non-spore-forming bacteria combined with BioActive Carbon®. It provides 11 bacterial strains that are essential for supporting detoxification, digestive function, and immunity.*

The addition of BioActive Carbon® sets CT-Biotic apart from other probiotic supplements. Take 1 capsule twice daily. Can be taken with or without food.

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As a blend of fulvic and humic acids, BioActive Carbon® helps protect all bacterial strains from being destroyed or damaged by stomach acid, so that cultures are still intact by the time they reach the lower GI tract.*

CT-Biotic is specially designed with 11 carefully selected spore-forming and non-spore-forming bacterial strains to feed and encourage friendly gut bacteria growth.* This product provides a balance of bacterial strains that are essential for supporting natural detoxification, digestion, immunity, and microbiome health.*

These 11 specific probiotic strains are known to exist naturally and symbiotically in the human GI tract, but often in insufficient amounts. Therefore, adding a probiotic as a dietary supplement helps to maintain more of this beneficial bacteria to support the gut more effectively.

Traditional non-spore-forming probiotics rarely survive the acidic environment of the stomach. With the inclusion of BioActive Carbon® Technology (consisting of a proprietary blend of fulvic extracts), CT-Biotic protects all the bacterial strains from stomach acid so the beneficial bacteria cultures arrive intact in the GI tract. These carbons also provide nourishment for the microbiota strains to support healthy gut biodiversity.*

Formulated with BioActive Carbon®

BioActive Carbon® Technology is a proprietary blend of fulvic and humic acids that support cellular repair and the body’s natural ability to detoxify.* With a low pH, BioActive Carbon® Technology also helps protect ingredients from being digested by stomach acid, so that they remain intact as they enter the desired location in the body.*

* (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)


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