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Optimal Whole Food Vitamin Mineral

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Optimal 2 Whole Food Vitamin • Mineral contains POTENT whole food vitamins and patented organic minerals. It is the only multi-vitamin/mineral formula that predigests the nutrients, ensuring cellular delivery.

This No.1-selling formula also contains the exclusive Opti-Blend™ Delivery System – a unique blend of enzymes and minerals (in their patented organic form) for optimal nutrient delivery.

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Research proves current farming methods, food production, and preparation deplete our foods of life-generating vitamins and minerals. Stress, pollution and other lifestyle and environmental factors further deplete the nutrients needed for health. Even minor deficiencies can affect health and well-being, causing us to age prematurely, get sick more often, recover less rapidly and suffer from many conditions of ill-health.

Unfortunately, synthetic vitamins and commonly marketed forms of minerals often create more problems than the nutrient deficiencies they are supposed to address. Only vitamins in the whole food form contain what is needed for those vitamins to be broken down and used. Synthetics literally pull nutrients from the body rather than restoring these vital substances because they contain only a portion of the entire nutrient.

Optimal 2 provides the body with vital nutrients in their most absorbable and usable form. This remarkable formula contains no synthetic vitamins. Instead, it includes a full spectrum obtained directly from whole foods. It also contains 12 essential minerals in their organic form.

Optimal 2 Whole Food Vitamin/ Mineral combines the best of both worlds. It utilizes only whole foods and patented organic minerals while providing 100% of the RDA. You get high potencies ensuring proper nourishment to the cells with no synthetics.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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1 review for Optimal Whole Food Vitamin Mineral

  1. Barb (verified owner)

    Nice to find a Whole food mineral source like these combined with vitamins and the added enzymes. Haven’t taken very long, but so far doing well on them.

    • Forest Townsley

      Thanks Barb – it’s a great product!

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