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Learning to reset your Startle Reflex is one of the simplest ‘tools’ I give my clients and you can easily do it to yourself! Combining this simple technique with using a sparker to reset your Vagus Nerve and your Breathing Points, you can immediatly take your nervous system out of startle / sympathetic fight or flight mode!

Click here for the link to my video series on sparking techniques

The results of this simple technique still surprise me. In today’s video I give you a quick update on the startle reflex and then share a powerful story of how this technique dramatically impacted a male teenager I was working with.

Enjoy and please take the time to master these simple reset skills! Your Brain and your nervous system will love you for it! Best of all it’s free and you can do it everyday to reduce stress, anxiety, calm your nervous system, improve your sleep and even improve your digestion.


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