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Respect Rest – You Are Permitted!

Feeling Tired? Exhausted? Maybe feeling weary before the day starts?

Regardless of age, gender, working at home or outside the home, that feeling is common. The past couple of years have impacted all of us with a sense of fatigue. 

Here are 4 easy tips to help you address that fatigue – and best of all, they are EASY!

 1. Give yourself permission to REST any chance you get.
Whether it is a nap, going to bed earlier, or sleeping in just a bit… REST! 

2. R&R Pose
This exercise is a great return on your time investment. Simply performing this pose for 15 minutes provides your body with the equivalent of 4 hours of rest! Click on the image for a bit more information about the pose.

3. Reset the pineal gland before bedtime.
The pineal gland is responsible for body clock regulation, which includes sleep time. Click on the image to watch my video that shows you how to reset the pineal gland.

4. Practice 4-2-4- breathing every chance you get.

You might even set an alarm to do it hourly.

Breathe in through the nose for count of 4, hold for 2 and exhale through mouth for count of 4 (adjust and do less if that makes you uncomfortable).  Letting this become a rhythm can calm the body almost instantly over time.

Give yourself PERMISSION to REST!

Fatigue won’t leave without physical, mental, and emotional rest. In a world that is rushing around in circles going nowhere, in a world where anxiety is climbing unrestrained . . . relaxed, rest and breathing time could be the best medicine for your body, soul, and spirit! Yes, it is ok, not only ok, it is essential to give yourself permission to rest!

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