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World’s Best Kale Chip Recipe

Easy, Fun, Delicious, and Low-Inflammatory!

This is a simple recipe that is easy to adjust to get exactly the flavor you desire! The ingredient list shows the approximate amounts I use. You can vary this based on how much kale you’re using. Taste and adjust as you go to get the blend of savory and sweet you like.

Most kale chips are made with just olive oil and salt – this completely redefines a great kale chip!

In the video, I show you how and where to be creative!

I use our dehydrator set at about 135 degress for about 2 hours – I’ll check it every 45 minutes and turn it as needed.

You can also use your oven – set it on very low (200-225). Drying time will vary based on your temperature and how much sauce you put on the kale. Check it and turn it every 30 minutes until done.



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