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Need a quick easy meal that can be used for virutally any occasion? A simple frittata is one of my favorites: Eggs, veggies, a bit of cheese (optional) and some herbs and you have a meal that fits almost any eating plan – inexpensive and easy!

  • 12″ skillet
  • 10-12 eggs
  • 4-6 cups sliced veggies
  • herbs, salt and pepper to taaste
  • 3 TBL liquid (water, milk, almond milk, coconut milk)
  • 1/2 cup cheese (optional) I prefer to use Manchego
    • It’s made from sheep’s milk and many people with dairy challenges find it works well for them.


  1. Saute the veggies in skillet with olive, avacado or coconut oil, until tender
    • I like to use our cast iron pan – it gives great even heat for faster cooking
  2. Season with salt, pepper and herbs
  3. Mix eggs and liquid together and pour over cooked veggies – stirring to lift the veggies and get the eggs to the bottom of the pan
  4. Sprinkle with cheese and put in a 350 degree (preheated) oven, until the eggs are cooked (lightly firm and the cheese is melted)
    • Cooking time will vary based on the size of your pan and how full it is.


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